Sunday, 10 July 2011

Where are you Joanna?

I don't know where Joanna's gone. I really don't, I've lost her somewhere. She hasn't been on g-mail chat for ages now and we haven't spoken for weeks. I'm sure she had told me she was going for a holiday or somewhere and in my mental clumsiness I forgot :-/ However, this gives me an opportunity to post some of my favourite pictures from our last session. They are very different to the sunny-Italian ones and they are all black and white, just how I like them. To be honest, Joanna asked me to prepare some of them in colour, but I'm very reluctant. B&W just suits the mood better and I don't think that adding colour will do anything good. It's just irrelevant. Probably I won't be able to assertively resist though and a few colour ones will appear in the future (posted by Joanna). Probably.

I was trying to emulate some of the old films (Tri-X, T-Max), hence the grain and all "imperfections" are left. I also played with filters to enhance and blunt various colour ranges.

It is really time to think of another session. Isn't it Joanna? As soon as I find you.

And below are two of Marten Collins' images from the same shoot:


  1. extra buty!!!

  2. prześliczne zdjęcia! :)


  3. Hello, Adrian! I certainly hope you can find our Joanna in the very near future and continue to capture priceless images of her. I love this set and the inclusion of the hound and I tend to agree that black and white gives these photos a distinctly retro feel. On the other hand Joanna always photographs beautifully in living color, too. You just can't lose with a model like her!

  4. Amazing photos. Joanno wracaj, proszę!

  5. szalenie Ci zazdroszczę płaszczyka!!! jest fantastyczny! zdjęcia piękne...

  6. Just to let you know, I'm back :)

    Znalazłam się (w Warszawie). Dziękuję wszystkim za miłe słowa - niedługo wracam do Oksfordu i zorganizujemy kolejną sesję.
    TARA - płaszczyk jest z Miss Selfridge, z wiosennej przeceny.
    Wanilianna - pies należy do Martena Collinsa, ja mam w Gdańsku boksera.

  7. super zdjęcia:)


  8. Naprawdę podobają mi się te zdjecia, są takie... klimatyczne. I ten pies, ah, cudo :)
    Zapraszam na jeśli masz ochotę ;)

  9. Dziękuję! Pies, jak wspomniałam przedtem, należy do Martena :)


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