Wednesday 13 April 2011

The White Swan (teaser)


Dear Followers,
Thank you very much for your positive comments on the previous, oversaturated session (a la Andy Warhol). I found them very comforting because I struggled with the pictures a little. I tried to play with the composition, colours and patterns a bit, but it’s definitely not my cup of tea, oh well.
This one is though. We had a fantastic session two weekends ago. Marten Collins from Henley-on-Thames ( very kindly let me play in his photo studio. We visited him with Kasia and thoroughly enjoyed the time, what a genuinely nice person he is. This was also the first time I had a chance to try out VERY large soft boxes and had enough space to move the kit around. I’ll publish the results soon (together with Kasia’s shots, again, many of her pictures are better, than mine…). I’ve been very busy with other assignments recently, but the below shot shows what you can expect.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Colours overload - retreat!

We finally have the colourful pics (apologies for the delay!). Joanna’s idea was to pay tribute to Andy Warhol, who had been fascinated by pop culture, consumerism, supermarkets, colours and repeated patterns. It seems that we bit off a bit more than we could chew, however...

Adrian is not much of a Warhol fan, and does not like in-your-face colours and patterns – next time we will go back to his preferred photography style.

Nareszcie mamy kolorowe zdjęcia (przepraszamy za zwłokę!). Zamysłem Joanny było zrobienie fotek odwołujących się do Andyego Warhola – zafascynowanego popkulturą, konsumpcjonizmem, supermarketami, kolorami i powtarzalnością. Zadanie trochę nas przerosło...

Adrian niestety nie jest fanem Warhola, ani tym bardziej oczopląsu i przesyconych kolorów – więc w następnej sesji wrócimy do fotografii w jego stylu.

Colours come from:
- A charity shop skirt (originally Oasis)
- A blouse made from a Whistles dress, also bought in a charity shop
- A charity shop handbag
- A flower, which - in hindsight - might have been redundant here
- Ecco shoes
- A variety of Sainsbury's products.


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