Monday, 7 March 2011

Two more pictures from Adrian

I am technologically and blogger-wise lame, this is why I never write any posts. However, I thought I will write my own post this time because I think this session was very special and I am particularly pleased with the results. Every picture came up different in character and I think Joanna looks the most charming and subtle ever. Also please let me take this opportunity and thank all followers for your support and great comments. It’s really worth shooting knowing you’re there.

Joanna didn’t post these two, so I will.
As always I didn’t use any special kit. It’s just my Pentax really + Sigma DG530 lamp on it. I like natural lighting – it’s more challenging and interesting this way. I have a studio kit, but can’t use it outdoors without a power pack (expensive :-/ and for some reasons the Sigma doesn’t want to work with Elinchrom wireless triggers I have) and I keep my gear on a low budget really. I’ll think of an upgrade when the gear starts paying for itself better.
And regarding Pentax - I know they don’t produce a full-frame model, but I still think they make best cameras in the world. My theory is that they are too small to launch mediocre products and lower the quality, as bigger players do occasionally. There is also something special about the “Pentax colours”. Plus I also find them the most intuitive and ergonomic with a fantastic feel and Pentax undoubtedly offers the greatest value for money. The lens I use (Pentax SMC FA 50mm 1.4) is a pure dream too. It all doesn't change the fact that Kasia often takes better pictures anyway... The conclusion? It's the person behind the camera truly important. Not the kit itself!


  1. Lovely pictures, I think that natural light is the best!

  2. Aj jak ślicznie, delikatnie...:-)

  3. Cudowne zdjęcia. Podziwiam Was za wszystkie fotografie, z klimatem i pełne uroku :)

  4. Marvelous...
    I want to see more and more!

  5. Adrian, I'm so glad you decided to post because it gives me the opportunity to thank you directly for capturing these marvelous images. "Subtle" is indeed the word for what you have accomplished in this latest series. The colors are natural and Joanna looks more adorable than ever before. The two of you make an outstanding team and I hope that you will post examples of your work more often!

  6. piekne zdjęcia i piękna modelka

  7. I share this view that the most important is the model and … photographer’s imagination. You can have the best camera, kit etc. but without creative mind you can be only a nonentity. For sure, in these pictures we can observe your beautiful mind and your way of treating photography and your model with profound reverence. Thanks for sharing, good luck!

  8. Możesz wykorzystać już wcześniej stworzoną stylizację :)

  9. Wciągnięta to gry w wyróżnienia, dałąm Ci u mnie wyroznienie :)
    Świetny kapelusz :)

  10. Lola Lo’s Launch weekend starts 8th April!! Remember to visit my facebook page for more updates! Love Lola x


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