Monday, 24 January 2011

Joanna’s Retro Top Ten

Following Wanilianna's example, I have shared a list of Top Ten (retro) songs with a dear fellow blogger Shady Dell Knight. Check it out – Tom (Shady) has even added some fun facts about them! His blog is full of lovely tunes with a nostalgic note to them, and will undoubtedly get you in the mood for some retro.

Our next photoshoot is coming up shortly, so stay tuned!

Biorąc przykład z Wanilianny podzieliłam się moimi ulubionymi retro-piosenkami z Tomem, który na swoim muzycznym blogu (Shady Dell Knight) zamieszcza świetne nostalgiczne kawałki. Aż chce się wrócić w tamte czasy!

A nasza kolejna sesja już niebawem.

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  1. Thank you very much for the promotion, Joanna! Your song list is a big hit with my readers. I can tell that they are also very impressed by your modeling talents and Adrian's photography.


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