Friday, 9 July 2010

Dotty 50s on wheels

We have been planning a 1950s' style photo shoot for quite a while now, but only last Saturday, three hours before Germany's crushing victory over Argentina in the World Cup, has the plan come to fulfillment.

The photos were taken at the Oxford Bus Museum, with the help of Kasia and to the amusement of museum volunteers and visitors.

Zdjęcia zostały zrobione w Oksfordzkim Muzeum Autobusów, przy pomocy Kasi i ku uciesze wolontariuszy i zwiedzających.

Joanna is wearing:
- a C&A dress (second-hand)
- a petticoat (no name)
- New Look shoes (from a charity shop)

Adrian is using Pentax K10D with a Pentax 50mm SMC FA 1.4 lens. He tries to refrain from using strobes, but some pictures received extra fill light.
Adrian używa aparatu Pentax K10D z obiektywem 50mm SMC FA 1.4. Stara się unikać używania flashu, ale niektóre zdjęcia otrzymały dodatkowe oświetlenie.


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